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New Exhibit at Magee House..........Frank H. Burnside

August 7, 1888 - August 26, 1935

A local pioneer who set flying records in the early 20th century is featured in the new Aviation Exhibit at the Magee House. The exhibit was dedicated by the Steuben County Historical Society following Burnside's induction to the Steuben County Hall of Fame.

Frank Burnside set a national altitude record of 12,950 feet in 1913, set the speed of record at 97.4 mph in 1916 and by 1919 beating hsi own record setting the world's offical record at 163.68 mph.

Flying became an interest to him after watching a flying demonstration at the Oneonta Fair in 1911. Later that year
Frank enrolled in a new school located in Steuben County's town of Bath, Thoomas Brothers Flying School. He stayed on at the school as an instructor. During this time Frank appeared in some early 'flicker' movies as a pilot (films included stars:Irene Castle, Lillian Walker and Edith Day). His flying led him to join Curtiss as a test pilot and testing the Thomas-Morse during the war. He was a pioneer of air mail flying mail in the rebuilt "flaming coffins" across the Alleghanies to Chicago. Continueing his interest led him to working on the developement of the controllable pitch propeller used by Wiley Post around the world.

Frank H. Burnside was a musician, pioneer aviator, instructor, exhibitioner, mail pilot and flight consultant. He passed way in his home located in Bath, New York after a six week illness.



Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Burnside pictures in the May Echoes are great!

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